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Scenic Design


A Play by William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Hackett

Ralph Freud Theater, UCLA TFT, 2022

Pericles is a late romantic comedy by William Shakespeare. Written around 1606, the play follows Pericles, Prince of Tyre, on his miraculous journey to be reunited with his family after a storm at sea separates them.

"The peripatetic nature of the play’s setting, which evolves from one island to another, is supported by the raked stage setup, as the stage’s sloping elevation is experimental in nature. Audiences can enter from four sides of the stage and feel immersed in the play, as the platform gradually rises to a height of 18 inches, he said. Through the use of white gauze screens, intricate set design and lighting choices, the play aims to create scenes of storm sequences and tranquil beaches through an interpretive lens" — Daily Bruin 


Scenic Design by Prairie T. Trivuth

Costume Design by Benjamin Nabinger

Lighting Design by Gabe Rodriguez

Sound Design by Spencer Pierce

Advisor: Daniel Ostling, Myung Hee Cho

Photographs: Makela Yepez, Yi Lin Zhao

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