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Production Design | CA Unit

Don't Be Long (2023) CA Unit

Written and Directed by Reem Jubran

Director of Photography: Gionatan (Jonni) Tecle

Art Director: Rye Mandel

Set Dresser: Hazem "Zumi" Madbouly 

Costume Designer: Ruth Araujo

Don't Be Long follows a Palestinian American gal on vacation with her mother in Ojai who accidentally time travels to 1930s Palestine, where she spends time with her great-grandmother when she was her age. This film raises questions about intergenerational patterns, the power of oral storytelling, and modes of woman autonomy. It is a feminist and anti-colonial exploration of Palestinian culture pre-1948 and within the modern Palestinian-American, and how issues in womanhood are universally significant, no matter what time in history it occurred.

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