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Production Design

One of Those Nights (2023)

Written and Directed by Yuwei Zhang

Director of Photography: Gionatan (Jonni) Tecle

Art Director: Rye Mandel

Graphic Designer: Momo Umehara

Set Dresser: Jiahui Ji, Riya Vaidya, Ellis Liu, Emily Murray

Costume Designer: Cibele Cozzo 

One Of Those Nights follows a young delivery driver, as she enters a seemingly magical world and goes through a “Alice in Wonderland” type of journey. It’s filled with surreal, and maybe non-sensical, events and
encounters that will hopefully keep the audiences entertained. But at core, it’s about the need to
escape, even just temporarily, and to find comfort, as well as a sense of belonging, in an illusion
that’s not going to last. It’s about hiding from all the troubles of real life, and having to ultimately
returning to it and facing its empty and lonely nature.

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