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Production Design

Johnny and the Dirt Nap (2022)

Written by Brianna Barrett

Directed by Ziyao Liu

Director of Photography: Jackie Fang

Costume Designer: Yasamin Sarabipour 

Art Director: Jordan Moore

Graphic Designer: Katherine Jelte

Johnny and the Dirt Nap follows Johnny, a warehouse worker who is painfully shy and awkward, finally taking his first step to make a change - persuading his new friend and co-worker Tasha not to end her life after getting fired from the same depressing, repetitive warehouse job, while he copes with the grief of losing his dad whom he never gets to spend enough time with. The story deals with issues and themes of mental health, suicide, grief, and workers’ working conditions in warehouses - as we all know how the Amazon warehouse workers made history by fighting to be unionized recently.

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