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Production Design

Bloom (2023)

Written and Directed by Shelby Virginia (Shelby Halliman)

Director of Photography: Raquel Hagman

Supervising Art Director: Marie Fucile

Art Director: Katherine Jelte, Victoria Tran, AAD Bridget Burkhalter

Costume Designer: Ruth Araujo

Bloom is a story about Kia, a young artist on a visit to her ill grandmother. At her childhood home with her Nana, they go on a make-believe adventure and meet mysterious creatures in a magical forest. Through imagination, she faces and processes the relationship between herself and her mother, and works through the complex experience of love and loss. Bloom is a story that guides you through various stages of grief, and celebrates the irreplacable generational bond between black women in a family.

I am proud to have been part of Bloom's all-women leadership, cast and creative crew. 

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