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Production Design

Chowmein Holiday (2023)

Written and Directed by Iris Lanhua Ma

Director of Photography: Ingrid Sanchez

Art Director: Rye Mandel

Set Dresser: Jiahui Ji, Ellis Liu, Tejas Raguham, Cindy, Nadya, Jacob, Chengyu

CHOWMEIN HOLIDAY is a short film centering on two first generation female Chinese immigrants, Li Ling and May, who go on a Thelma & Louise-style wild crime-spree across California while reflecting on the sacrifices they were forced to make in their lives – and whether they're willing to continue playing the roles defined by social norms. It’s a hilarious, emotionally tender, and culturally poignant tale that speaks to many important themes such as discovering cultural identity and heritage as well as overcoming age, gender, and Asian stereotypes in the post-COVID time.

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