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Scenic / Production Design

Other Seasons

A rendition of Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Directed by Nikita Gale

Composed by Lisa Liu

Performa NYC Biennial, 2023

Lighting Design by Josephine Wang 

Sound Design by Daniel Neumann

Scenic Design by Prairie T. Trivuth

Nikita Gale reimagined Vivaldi’s iconic work The Four Seasons—a now-ubiquitous work that was considered groundbreaking when first performed in Amsterdam in 1725—as a compositional root, chosen as the classical equivalent to contemporary pop music. It explores how a unit of measure that once provided a sense of stability—a structural flow led by the natural world, one intrinsic to most society’s patterns of behavior and economic functioning—has become increasingly unpredictable and erratic due to climate change’s volatile effect on the weather. Patterns that were once predictable can no longer be used as a reliable measure, instead continually surprise and confuse us.

Photographs:  Maria Baranova

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